i'm alive and well

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bwahhahahaha, summer has finally hit me. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I'm so excited for these last two horse shows, especially the one in August cos I get to [FINALLY!] do my second dressage test. And Rainy and I are finally working in a snaffle instead of the gawd-awful double-reined 'Wonder'bit. Everything's going well- even cantered in the snaffle! Felt so much more comfortable than in the double-reins.

We're set to go to Higgins Lake in like a week and a half, which I'm super excited for too. Except no Oscoda this year. :( I will miss the sesame chicken. But hopefully next summer we'll go.
Oh! Story time.
So every year, my dad's side of the family always goes to Higgins Lake- it's like our tradition, started forever ago by my now-deceased grandma. So we've rented several different houses/cabins on the lake, and now we go with my aunt's family for three days. It'll be wicked fun. We use their boat and go fishing and tubing, and then we'll go Jet-sking around. Except my cousin goes super fast and scares the sh*t out of me. But whateves.

So excited.
Look out world, summer has officially landed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Driver's Ed

I suppose it's my turn to talk Driver's Ed. So far, I've logged 10 hours of class time- will it ever end? [NO] I've driven on the road twice so far, once in the suburbs [which I greatly dislike cos of all the parked cars and the fact that a child or a dog could run out at any second] and once on the country roads [which is really easy]. I've done the range once, and we're going back out tomorrow.

Let me explain what range is. In our hugenormous student parking lot, they set up a bunch of cones and stuff, and you do patterns and practice parellel parking and such. It's pretty boring. The first [and only] time we did it, we drove from one end to the other, backed from one end to the other, serpentined through the cones forward, then serpentined through the cones backward, then did follow the leader, except I didn't get to drive so it was pretty boring.

But I didn't knock over any cones! Yay!

I pretty much love driving. I hate the class part though, because all we learn is...
wait, do we even learn anything?


Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I got a question- do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?

Uh, no. Cos my basement is SUPER gross. It's not a finished basement, so it's all moldy and cold and just plain EW. But anyway- Your Love Is My Drug, by Ke$ha, is totally stuck in my head, and while that makes sense for the simple reason of me listening to it almost constantly, it also makes sense because it's true for me.

I'm not the typical teen who thinks she's in love, but I am the teen who likes this one guy for *about* four years now- this fall will be three years. Pathetic? HELL TO THE YES!

Sorry. Just me beating myself up. Slamming my head into a brick wall, etc. I do that WAY too [should that have the extra 'o'? I have no clue, and googling it makes me feel dumb] often. Blah.

In short- I hate liking a total flirt, because I have no idea if he actually likes me, or if I'm just another girl to play games with.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[For those who read the last post- yes, I've calmed down.]

Last weekend, I was chilling at my cousin's house, sampling Sunkist's Sparkling Lemonade (if you haven't heard/tried it, do so immediately, it's fantastic) and listening to crappy music while my younger cousin (she's three years younger than myself and my male cousin, therefore wayyy uncool, right?) was being weird. It's like her occupation- do weird shit. Like attempt to skateboard in their carpeted basement and not expect to fall. Or trip over her dog. Or suddenly realize, in a lake, that she can't touch the bottom, even though she's practically a fish.

Anyway. We were hanging out in the basement, me lamenting the fact that I just blew $100 on a new Ipod nano (split it with the pops, woot for parents) but it had no songs on it [I had literally just bought it on the way there], him getting pumped for the money he would recieve later on for his birthday and the party he was going to the next day with his friends. [He goes to a private school, and DAMN! those kids are loaded. I've seen pictures of houses that put MTV's Teen Cribs to shame.] Later we ventured up for food, and my aunt [not his mom, my other aunt] mentioned that she and my uncle were going out of town next week [now this week] and would my sister be interested in watering plants, refilling bird feeders, etc, while they were gone? Well, my sister works at Taco Bell and probably makes $5,000 a year, which as a just recently high school graduate, is pretty good in my opinion. She's still at home too, so no paying rent. Just gas.

I casually mentioned that big sis was awfully busy lately, but I was pretty free, and the mom or the pops could easily get me over to her house to do it. She, while a little skeptical of my plant watering ability, agreed.
Just a few days ago, I recieved her very detailed instructions. These intructions were listed for a full page and a half. I can condense them into:
-Water the flowers with the watering can by the hose
-Water the vegetables with the can or the bucket by the hose
-Replace the water for the stray cat
-Rinse and refill the hummingbird feeder
-Top off the mixed bird seed and replace the suet cakes if needed
Everything you need is in the garage, the door code is *numbernumbernumbernumber*, please shut off the water and shut the garage door when you're done.

Pretty simple right? And I only have to do this for three days- tonight, Thursday and Saturday. They'll be back Monday. Well, first off, she also mentioned that she'd leave my money for doing this in an envelope in the garage refridgerator. I'm not sure why she left it in the fridge, but to each their own. Secondly, I was expecting like 25-30 bucks sorta deal, since I really wasn't doing much- I wasn't feeding her dogs or walking them, since they were at a kennel- but I found inside the envelope sixty bucks.

Must be nice to not have kids, that's all I'm saying.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The world's a b*tch.

Seriously? [First off, if you dislike rants, stop reading. You're in for a big huge rant.]
People are jerks! And rude, mean, disrespectful, assholes, asshats, the lowest of the low, etc. They are bitches.
I bring this up for a few reasons. First of all, there's a certain person I know who, whenever someone is less than perfect, deems themself worthy of reprimending that person. Now if you are a teacher, or an adult who is supposed to do this, I understand. But this person is not a teacher, nor an adult, and in fact shows quite a lot of immaturity. Yet they still try to act as if they are better than the rest of us. Not happenin. Especially because this person often turns right around and commits the same crime they just yelled at someone for doing. Hypocritical? Yes. Overly assertive? Yes. Appropriate? H*ll to the no.

The second reason is because I am an outspoken person at my high school. I have opinions, many of the 'popular' crowd don't appreciate them. And rumors get spread, denied and occasionally resurface, but the one thing is that these girls [read: sluts and whores] have the innate ability to piss me off, be a rude, slandering bitch, and then flip their hair, lie through their teeth and act like they're the best.
It really makes me want to Gibbs-slap the stick-up-their-*ss look off their face and scream.
But I restrain myself. Someday...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well, whoop de doo. It's Nancy Drew.

Why yes, yes it is! In fact, I'm practically always Nancy Drew- I rather enjoy being Nancy Drew.

She's smart, pretty, witty, is knowledgable about EVERYTHING, has an amazing boyfriend, has some swell best friends, can travel through time and not age at all, visit other countries at the drop of a hat, and is a decent cook.

Who wouldn't enjoy being Nancy Drew? But anyway, I'm here to review a Nancy Drew game, Stay Tuned for Danger, the second Nancy Drew game ever. So here we go! First of all, here's the outfit I created for this game:
Fantastic, no? Yes.
Now that you have my visual for the game, let's begin.
You, as Nancy Drew (of course), are invited to stay with soap opera star Mattie Jensen so you can help figure out who's sending her co-star, Rick, threats. It's a rather snoozer of a summary, I'll admit, but keep going. In a few twisted turns of events, you'll become an extra and get to see (a little) of what goes on behind the scenes.

Characters: 5/10

Here's who's who

-Mattie Jensen: Your host, so to speak, the star of a soap opera and slowly recovering from a relationship with costar Rick, Mattie just seemed kind of flakey. Whenever you started to talk to her, she'd usually interupt, saying she needed to go over lines or needed to go to the studio. Frustrating? Oh yes.

-Rick Arlen: Good gosh, this man puts all men to disgrace. He's a bit of a jerk, and a player, but won't admit to either. He's the one recieving threats, and after meeting him, you'll understand why. Still, as Nancy, you have to help him. Ugh.

-Lillian Weiss: the director of the soap opera, she doesn't like you. Get used to it, there's one of these people in every game that you just HAVE to get angry. She'll get over it, don't worry.

-Dwayne Powers: A cheeseball, kind of fluffy character. And I don't mean fluffy like a delicious pastry filled with cream cheese and chocolate, and I don't mean fluffy like fat. I mean fluffy like poorly put together. You'll see what I mean if you play- he just seems...not there. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not.

-Millie Strathorn: The heir to the company producing the soap, Millie runs the prop room with an iron fist. She might have a prop facination, which now that I think about it, she pretty much does. Or maybe a riddle facination. Anyway, she's an odd. You don't really interact with her much (I think I talked to her once).

-Ralph!: The fluffy security guard. This time I mean fat. :) I love him simply because he always has a doughnut. Or a bagel. But I prefer to think that it's a doughnut.

Setting: 5/10

New York City should be fun. It should have awesome places to go. Instead, you have three places: Mattie's apartment, the broadcasting studio, and Dwayne's office. All of which are pretty boring.

Spooky factor: 1/10

Nonexistant. Except for the occasional creepy music, no scary parts at all.

Snooping: 10/10

It's pretty much all you do, but it's fun. :)

Graphics: 4/10

Sorry, HER, I know it's your second game. But it's only an improvement cos the characters are 3D now too.

Total: 5/10

Definitely not my favorite. It had it's moments where I thought it was getting better, but not really. The ending was super easy though, so if you panic at the end, do this one- I think I'm gonna say it's the easy ending of the games. I was a little disappointed by the culprit, and their motive. But whatevs. I'll say that for it's time, it was pretty awesome. But with newer games out, it's fading fast.